The American University of Afghanistan

Overview of The American University of Afghanistan

The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) is a prestigious institution located in Kabul, Afghanistan. Established in 2006, it aims to provide a world-class education to Afghan students, empowering them to become leaders and make a positive impact in their country’s development. With its commitment to academic excellence, AUAF has become a beacon of hope for education in Afghanistan, creating opportunities for students to pursue higher education and contribute to the nation’s progress.

The Founding History

The American University of Afghanistan was founded on the belief that education is a vital tool to bring about positive change. In the aftermath of the fall of the Taliban regime, a group of visionary individuals, including Dr. Sharif Fayez, the former Afghan Minister of Higher Education, and Dr. David Sedney, then Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Afghanistan, sought to establish an institution that would provide Afghan students with an education that would rival the best universities worldwide.

Through their tireless efforts and with the support of the United States government, AUAF was established as a private, non-profit, co-educational institution. The university’s mission was not only to provide high-quality education but also to foster critical thinking, ethical leadership, and cultural understanding among its students.

Departments and Courses Offered

AUAF offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. The university’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its diverse departments:

  • School of Business: The School of Business offers programs in Business Administration, Finance, and Marketing. Students gain practical knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive business world.
  • School of Law and Political Science: This department focuses on legal and political studies, equipping students with a deep understanding of Afghan and international law, diplomacy, and governance.
  • School of Arts and Sciences: The School of Arts and Sciences offers a broad range of programs, including Journalism, Political Science, Computer Science, and English Literature. It emphasizes critical thinking, research, and creativity.
  • School of Public Health: With a focus on public health issues in Afghanistan, this department equips students with the knowledge and skills to address healthcare challenges and improve the well-being of communities.
  • School of Engineering: The School of Engineering offers programs in Civil Engineering and Computer Science, preparing students to contribute to Afghanistan’s infrastructure development and technological advancements.

The American University of Afghanistan is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. The university emphasizes practical experience, internships, and community engagement to ensure that graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the real world.

Notable Courses

While AUAF offers a wide range of courses, some notable ones have gained recognition for their unique approach and relevance to Afghanistan’s context:

  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution: This course provides students with the tools to understand, analyze, and reconcile conflicts. Given Afghanistan’s complex history, this subject plays a crucial role in building a peaceful and stable society.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth, this course equips students with the skills to start their own businesses and contribute to job creation in Afghanistan.
  • Media and Society: In a country where media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, this course examines the influence of media on society and encourages critical analysis of media practices.
  • Women’s Leadership and Empowerment: Given the challenges faced by Afghan women, this course focuses on developing leadership skills and promoting gender equality, empowering women to take active roles in their communities and beyond.
  • Environmental Studies: With a focus on sustainability and awareness of environmental issues, this course prepares students to address Afghanistan’s environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.


The American University of Afghanistan stands as a testament to the power of education in transforming lives and societies. Founded on the principles of academic excellence, critical thinking, and ethical leadership, AUAF provides Afghan students with a world-class education that empowers them to become change-makers in their country.

Through its various departments and programs, AUAF offers a diverse range of courses that cater to the needs and aspirations of Afghan students. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, the university ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

As Afghanistan continues to rebuild and progress, the American University of Afghanistan will remain a vital institution, nurturing the next generation of leaders who will shape the nation’s future. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, AUAF paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous Afghanistan.

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